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Schema Generator – Our JSON LD generator helps in generating schema markup for Article, How To, FAQ Page, Recipe, Product, Job Posting, Event, Video, Local Business, Organization, Website site link search box and Person schema types.

JSON LD Generator: Schema Markup Generator

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{{ selected_offer_type === 'Offer' ? 'Offer' : 'Aggregate Offer' }}
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JSON-LD aka JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data, is a related data that can be written in JavaScript using JSON.

To use this schema generator tool, select the schema type, then fill the required fields and finally copy the generated JSON-LD schema markup. It also has the options to validate and test generated schema code on Google Structured Data Testing Tool. JSON-LD is the recommended schema markup for Google to understand about your page or post. However, it is clear that schema markup is not an SEO ranking factor.

You can also try our dedicated FAQ schema Generator tool to generate JSON-LD FAQ page schema markup.

How to Generate Schema Markup using JSON-LD Schema Generator

Step 1: Select Schema Type that you would like to generate from the drop-down list.

  • Article – Article, News Article, Blog Posting
  • Recipe
  • FAQ Page
  • How-to
  • Product- Offer, Aggregate Rating, Reviews
  • Job Posting
  • Event
  • Video
  • Local Business – Address, Opening Hours Specification
  • Organization – Logo, Contacts, Social Profile
  • Person – Job Title, works For, same As
  • Website – Site links Search box

Step 2: Fill all required details to avoid schema errors.

Step 3: Click on Copy button to copy the generated JSON-LD schema code and paste it in head section of your page/post.

Step 4: Optional- Validate generated schema through Google Structure Data testing tool by clicking on validate button.

Step 5: Optional- Click on test button to send schema code to Google rich result test tool.

Google Supported Schema Types

Currently, Google supporting following schema types in JSON-LD, Microdata and RDFa formats. JSON-LD schema markup is the recommended method for rich results.

  1. Article
  2. Book
  3. Breadcrumb
  4. Carousel
  5. Course
  6. Critic review
  7. Data set
  8. Employer Aggregate Rating
  9. Estimated salary
  10. Event
  11. Fact Check
  12. FAQ page
  13. Home Activities
  14. How-to
  15. Image License
  16. Job Posting
  17. Job Training
  18. Local Business
  19. Logo
  20. Movie
  21. Product
  22. Q & A
  23. Recipe
  24. Review snippet
  25. Sitelinks search box
  26. Software App
  27. Speakable
  28. Subscription and paywalled content
  29. Video